About Us

Amendment Development is a family business, owned and operated by Andy and Chrissy Pekema in Paso Robles, California. Like all great ideas, this one started on Pinterest.

We inherited an old piano and realized its musical days were over. After failing to give it away, Chrissy discovered re-purposed piano bars online. We quickly decided to transform our piano into a bar, and it turned out so well we decided to start building them for others. Thus, Amendment Development was born.

The plan was to just sell piano bars, but after building a couple we had lots of piano parts laying around, so we started turning them into other products.

We are honored to work on pieces of history and proud to be building things in America.

The Amendment Development Difference
Every one of our products is hand made in California, by us. We don't build curiosities. We build furniture.

We believe the pianos we work on deserve more than a coat of chalk paint and a cheap wine rack. There are a lot of halfhearted piano bars out there, but ours are different. We strive to maintain the character of every piano and maximize its potential. That usually involves to a lot of work.

We put great effort into our products to ensure the highest possible quality. We believe form and function must work together in harmony, and everything must be done the right way, even when that's the hard way. If you care about the details, you won't be disappointed with our work. We guarantee it.